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1720 FENNELL ST., MAITLAND, FL 32751 | 321.444.6331

1720 FENNELL ST., MAITLAND, FL 32751 | 321.444.6331

Live Music & Events

Dinner Reservations recommended


Saturday 27th  Running with Scissors  8 pm

Wednesday 31st   Tina Turner Night 6 pm

Join us for an incredible evening of Dancing and Singing, as we have all done over the years, celebrating the life of a woman that was such a strong inspiration. Come dressed in your best Tina Turner attire or wear her favorite color RED.


Thursday 1st  Rico Monaco Band  7 pm

Santana Tribute & more

Tickets available on

Friday 2nd  The Redcoats  8 pm

Saturday 3rd  Shadow Cabinet  8 pm

Wednesday 7th  Life on Mars 7 pm

Thursday 8th  Soul Funktion  7 pm

Friday 9th  Alt-X  8 pm

Saturday 10th  Midnight Mayhem  8 pm

Wednesday 14th  Donnie Lee Acoustic  6pm

Thursday 15th  Ultimate Rush  7pm

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Friday 16th   Second Light Band  8 pm

Saturday 17th  The Boomers  8 pm

Thursday  22nd  Ultimate Floyd  7 pm

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Friday 23rd  Unlimited Devotion  8 pm

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 Saturday 24th Three Forks Road  8 pm

Thursday 29th  AC/DC  Tribute  7 pm

Friday 30th  The Groove Slayers  8 pm


Saturday 1st  Doc-Fu & the Soul Surgeons  8 pm

Wednesday 5th  Life on Mars  7 pm

Friday 7th & Saturday 8th  Rockit Fly  8 pm

Wednesday 12th  Donnie Lee Acoustic  6 pm

Thursday 13th  The Groove Slayers  7 pm

Friday 14th  Lounge Lyzrds  8 pm

Saturday 15th  The Boomers  8 pm

Friday 21st  Eden Lane  8 pm

Saturday 22nd  Electric Xperience 8 pm

Wednesday 26th  Donnie Lee Acoustic  6 pm

Friday 28th  Alt-X  8 pm

Saturday 29th  Shadow Cabinet  8 pm


Wednesday  2nd  Life on Mars  7 pm

Thursday 3rd  The Groove Slayers  7 pm

Friday 4th  Midnight Mayhem  8 pm

Saturday 5th  My Generation  8 pm

Wednesday 9th  Donnie Lee Acoustic  6 pm

Friday 11th & Saturday 12th  Skin Deep 8 pm

Friday 18th  Truphonic  8 pm

Saturday 19th  The Redcoats  8 pm

Wednesday 23rd  Donnie Lee Acoustic  6 pm

Thursday 24th  Ultimate Rush & Ultimate Floyd  7 pm

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Friday 25th  The Boomers  8 pm

Saturday 26th  Doc-Fu & the Soul Surgeons  8 pm


Friday 1st   Franchise Players 8 pm

Saturday 2nd  Eden Lane  8 pm

Wednesday 6th  Life on Mars  7 pm

 Friday 8th  Breaking Lusy  8 pm

Saturday 9th  My Generation  8 pm

Wednesday 13th  Donnie Lee Acoustic 6 pm

Friday 15th  The Groove Slayers  8 pm

Saturday 16th  Shadow Cabinet  8 pm

Friday 22nd  Midnight Mayhem  8 pm

Saturday 23rd  The Boomers  8 pm

Friday 29th & Saturday 30th  Skin Deep  8 pm


Wednesday 4th  Life on Mars 7 pm

Friday 6th  Second Light Band  8 pm

Saturday  7th  The Redcoats  8 pm

Wednesday 11th   Donnie Lee Acoustic  6 pm

Thursday 12th  The Groove Slayers  7 pm

Friday 13th  Lounge Lyzrds  8 pm

Saturday 14th  Running with Scissors  8 pm

Friday 20th  Doc-Fu & the Soul Surgeons  8 pm

Wednesday 25th  Donnie Lee Acoustic  6 pm

Friday 27th  Shadow Cabinet  8 pm

Saturday 28th  My Generation  8 pm


Wednesday 1st  Life on Mars  8 pm

Friday 3rd  the Groove Slayers  8 pm

Saturday 4th  Midnight Mayhem  8 pm

Wednesday 8th  Donnie Lee Acoustic  6 pm

Friday 10th  Running with Scissors  8 pm

Saturday 11th  The Boomers  8 pm

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th  Skin Deep  8 pm

Wednesday 22nd  The Redcoats  7 pm

Saturday 25th  Bar Fly  8 pm


Friday 1st  Shadow Cabinet  8 pm

Saturday 2nd  My Generation  8 pm

Wednesday 6th  Life on Mars  7 pm

Friday 8th  Eden Lane  8 pm

Saturday 9th  Midnight Mayhem  8 pm

Wednesday 13th  Donnie Lee Acoustic  6 pm

Friday 15th  Truphonic  8 pm

Saturday 16th  Lounge Lyzrds  8 pm

Friday 22nd  The Redcoats  8 pm

Saturday 23rd  Running with Scissors  8 pm

Friday 29th & Saturday 30th  Rockit Fly  8 pm

Sunday Dec 31st New Year's Eve Celebration  The Boomers 9pm